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our mantra

We are the joy-filled and the weary.
The long-sufferers and the steadfast.
The hopefuls and the freedom-fighters.
Our stories are similar and yet so vastly different.

But we have this in common:

We are not alone, even if we sometimes feel like we are.
We are surrounded by love, even when it’s foggy out.
We are worthy of healing, even if we haven’t seen it yet.

We believe that healing is found in community.
And that by standing together,
we can feel empowered to move forward.

We believe in each other and for each other.
And we hold each other up.

We belong to each other,
and together we are brave and resilient.


“So there’s this girl, and her name’s Erika, and she makes things. Lots of things. Shiny things and delicate things and intricately simple things. These things she makes with her hands, which reach from her heart, that sits in her soul, where idea meets passion, and beauty is born.”

—Cara Olsen, @rosaliegwenpaperie


hi, i’m erika!

I’ve been making and creating since I was just a little girl. In 2011, my childhood love for friendship bracelets blossomed into a small Etsy shop where I sold necklaces and stationery.

Today, Little Mousie Creations has expanded with a new vision:

To inspire truth, healing, and belonging with a collection of fine silver jewelry and lino-cut art prints.

I believe that words and ideas matter. Just like verbal affirmations help us create positive mindsets, my jewelry and art pieces are meant to be tangible ways to remember that you are seen, loved, and supported.



some facts about me:

 “Little Mousie” was a nickname given to me by my grandparents, who I cherish dearly.

I live in California with my husband, Ryan and sweet pups Kaden & Kai.

but dream of moving to another state.

I love cold and foggy weather, and rainy days are my favorite!

My art is inspired by light, nature, and fresh spaces.

I love meeting new friends!