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About the Artist

“So there's this girl, and her name's Erika, and she makes things. Lots of things. Shiny things and delicate things and intricately simple things. These things she makes with her hands, which reach from her heart, that sits in her soul, where idea meets passion, and beauty is born.”

Little Mousie Creations Linocut Art Prints Silver Jewelry

I love rainy days. Well, any cold + foggy weather.

I have an urge to move to a different state, but have been too scared to do so.

I am inspired by light, nature, and fresh spaces.

“Little Mousie” was a nickname given to me by my grandma and grandpa. I cherish them dearly.

I am a multi-faceted creator currently focusing on jewelry design, photographing pure moments, and block-printing.

I found that I have grown immensely by concentrating on what I am wildly passionate about and creating in those areas without limitation.

I am excited to share it with you.

 Erika Ferrari // Owner & Creator

Erika Ferrari // Owner & Creator


I want more + less. More life, less worry. More joy, less chaos.

More simplicity, less overwhelm. Radically simple and free.

Free to love. Free to connect. Free to help. Free to explore. Free to truly live.