Celebrate: New Little Things

This is an exciting time for so many reasons!  It is as wintery as South Orange County can be and while it is difficult to adjust to the darkness at a seemingly early hour, the bits of morning and evening coldness have been wonderful. I only wish it would stay. There were some big things in 2013, I was newly introduced to the amazing state of Alaska on a mission trip, made to be the wife of Ryan Michael Ferrari and the aunt to Holden Wesley Castellon, and I began the process of recreating and designing a new brand for Little Mousie (which is still in the works).

Guys, it's a NEW YEAR, literally the first day of it and this website has been an old dream that I've held onto for years, wondering when and how it would happen and the answer to that is NOW.  The first day of the year Two Thousand and Fourteen.  I am so incredibly excited that I am stumbling to figure out what to even say here.  Of course, along with that excitement is a nervousness that actually reminds me of the movie My Girl, which was a definite favorite of mine as a kid. The girl, Vada, is also so scared that she thought there was a chicken bone stuck in her throat. I can relate to her right now. Definitely feeling a chicken bone lump in my throat (this is where I am to remind myself of 1 Peter 5:7).

I am taking this HUGE leap right now.  I mean, artists need to have loads of self-confidence and that is one thing I can admit to lacking, but I'm ready to jump with full force over that hurdle.  I am ready to make mistakes and learn and grow and succeed.  I have to go for it or else what I want and love to do will never happen. 1 Peter 5:7. 1 Peter 5:7. That's my current mantra. I hope you all are able to find the strength and courage to do whatever it is you dream of doing this new year.  Don't just call it a resolution, but make it a reality.

Love always,