Capture: Herman Family- Part 2

Can I repeat myself?  I love this family!

My last post was a Part One for this family and it included mainly the kiddos with mom, which was suiting because we were just in time for Mother's Day.  With dad away doing dad-things, like grilling some delicious chicken and shrimp, he wasn't in as many shots with just their girls so we agreed to set a time for another day. 

Coincidentally, it was around Father's Day.  Love the turnout.  I don't know Peter as well as I know Hannah, but from what I have witnessed thus far- he is a wonderful example of servantly leading his family (pretty sure I made up a word in there).  He is fun, loving, and attentive to the needs of all four ladies in his life.  Yes, three little girlies and one gorgeous wife.  I mean, can you imagine some years from now when their daughters are in the middle of their teen years?  Prepare yourself, Peter. 

Love always,


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