Celebrate: Hindsight is 20/20

                   If you are an artist you may understand this concept- when I paint or draw, I can be seen nose-to-paper, intently focused on one small area. Later, I can be seen standing far back to get a good look at how all those small areas come together and make sense in entirety (think, artist Chuck Close). For me, my photorealistic drawings are where this becomes exciting.  All those tiny little sections of that person’s hair or that one droplet of water become a part of the whole, the “bigger picture”. 

Now, if I look at my life as this bigger picture, this enormous drawing displaying every moment in my life, the seemingly random events come together to create this pattern filled with reason and consistency. A bunch of, “Wow, if this had happen, then this wouldn’t have.”

You can relate.


Well, I have gone back every so often to the enormous drawing of my life and noticed different things that I had not noticed before.  I see me towards the end of high school, applying for, visiting, and getting accepted to Brooks Institute of Photography.  I see me disappointed for not actually having that plan happen.  Then later I see me, regretting the difficult decision to move out of my parents’ house with no actual plan in mind. But then… I see me settled in a tiny little room of a friend’s home, on my makeshift day-bed, watching a movie with the man I now call my husband. 

This is only one of many examples.

Ryan grew up only a few streets away from where I ended up. He was the long-time best friend of one of my closest friends. He would not have been next to me if I hadn’t moved out of my parents’ home. He certainly would not have been present in my life had I gone to Brooks which is in Santa Barbara. Similarly, in his enormous life drawing, he sees that if had been able to attend ULCA right out of high school, then I would not be present in his life either. 

So, as we stand 20 feet back, our disappointments make sense and our vision is clear. The linear pattern displayed is notably returning back to God and his plan being greater than our own. He is the reason and consistency.

What connections do you see when you pause and look at your life drawing?

Love always,



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