What is Metal Clay?

Metal clay is a combination of three things— water, a binding agent, and metal particles. These form a clay-like substance. 

After creating a piece, it is dried to remove water.  Then the dried piece is refined through careful sanding. Next, the piece is fired in either a kiln or by butane torch which burns off the binding agent. With the water and binding agent removed, all that remains are the metal particles, making the end result a very pure form of the metal.

I primarily work with silver clay, making all of my pieces 99.9% fine silver.




To keep your silver bright, follow these simple steps:

  • We recommend avoiding wearing your silver jewelry in showers, pools, or any other body of water.

  • Additionally, always remove jewelry before applying lotions, perfumes, or hand soap.

  • It is best to store your jewelry in the clear bag or box included.

  • Also included in packaging is a polishing pad to help polish any tarnish on the silver.

  • Use the polish pad to hand-polish your piece, but do not get it wet. This causes the polish pad to become sticky!

We hope you enjoy your new piece and if you have any questions on care, contact us at any time!